RIA Ethiopia´s business model is founded on the philosophy of socially responsible business. It is committed to bringing positive impacts to local communities by a) creating employment opportunities for youth and women, b) investing on environmental protection and basic social services for local communities, and c) raising awareness on sports, environment and development. Some of the social causes behind our races include:

  • Up to 30 % of the benefit from our races is dedicated to environmental protection and social services development in Abijatta- Shalla Lakes National and Park and Entoto Mountain ranges.
  • Entoto Mountain challenge is used to sensitize the public about women fuel wood carriers in the Entoto mountain range and contribute up to 30 % of the race entrance fee for developing alternative livelihood for them.
  • All the benefit from Born Free Children´s trail run goes to support Ensessakotteh Wildlife Rescue, Conservation and Education Centre. In addition, the race serves as a platform to teach children to care for animals and nature, and sensitize the public about the challenges facing wild animals in Ethiopia.
  • In all the races RIA Ethiopia Sports actively engages local communities, particularly youth and women, in the organization of the events as runner guides, and event support team. For example, the race medals and trophies as well as other event materials are produced by local communities with the aim of promoting the local culture and generating alternative income. Besides, RIA Ethiopia Sports provides the opportunity for local communities to sell local products, handicrafts and services for the race participants further contributing for the reactivation of the local economy.

For further details please see the social causes behind each of our races.