Born Free Children’s Trail run has been held for the past six years and has gained popularity as a great family day out. This is a charity event originally founded by Jim Mackee and all money raised from the event is donated to the Born Free Foundation.

The races are fun runs and children will be grouped according to their age (4-5, 6-7, 8-9, 10-11 and 12-14 years). There are several courses appropriate to these age groups. The youngest run a course of about 400m, whilst children 12 years and over run a course of 2km. We have marshals along the routes to ensure safety. At the end there is also a 4 km fun run for parents.

The races will be held separately and will start at 10:00 AM. All children participating will get a Born Free T-Shirt and hand-made medal. There will also be prizes also for the winners. After the race, participants are invited to have a guided tour to see the animals.


The Born Free Wildlife Rescue, Conservation and Education Centre in Ensessakotteh is part of the Born Free Foundation, originally set up by the stars of the 1966 film Born Free. The Centre focuses its activities on the rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife in Ethiopia and accommodates a large number of lions, cheetahs and other wild animals which have been rescued, mainly from the illegal trade in wildlife or appalling conditions of captivity. More information about Born Free Foundation can be found at


Born Free is located on the New Ambo Road, about 25km west of Addis Ababa. Take the New Ambo Road from the Kolfe Roundabout on the Ring Road (located north of the Netherlands Embassy and south of the Wingate inter-change). Drive out of town on the New Ambo Road and through the town of Menagesha. Immediately after the town of Menagesha look to your right for an old stone building and then a white sign with green lettering. There follows a zigzag in the road with pine forest on your right. The entrance to the centre is on your right just beyond the zigzag. (This new entrance is about 200m beyond the old entrance and will be signposted on the day). After this turn, take another right turn on the dirt track to arrive at the centre.


You can register online by completing the registration form here or in person at our office located in Bole Medhanalem Cameron Street (across from Bole Medhanalem Church) AWLO Business Center, 6th Floor, Off. No. 613.

Registration fee:

  • Participant’s fee (Parents): 400 Birr
  • Spectator’s fee: 100 Birr
  • Additional T Shirts: 150 Birr